"Live" & Interactive "Team Trivia, Bingo & Questionnairey"

We Promote Fun Solutions for Your Business: Big or Small

Thank you for taking the time to consider BrainBlast as a part of your promotional/marketing strategy, or fun night out.  BrainBlast has over 100+ "LIVE" Trivia clients in Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida & Alabama. BrainBlast is excited to be expanding additional markets in 2013.




Due to the success of the overwhelming majority of partnering venues, BrainBlast is expected to double its locations in the coming year. 

BrainBlast and Your Business

BrainBlast will work with and compliment your own promotional strategies by focusing on several clear objectives:


1.Establish loyal, repeat customers on a non-peak timeslot on a weekly basis.

2.Create a fun, interactive atmosphere that promotes the purchasing of food and beverages.

3.Develop loyalty to your establishment on evenings other than Team Trivia Night.

4.Increase revenue on the non-peak timeslot you select during our “LIVE” Trivia Night Show.

5.Establish an atmosphere that promotes a friendly mutual connection between your staff and your          customers.

Our Promise



BrainBlast promises to provide a professional, exciting and fun “LIVE” Trivia Show appropriate for all ages in the audience. The focus of our trivia night production is based on everyone having fun, sharing in laugher and clean ,family friendly, upbeat, new and familiar older favorites played between questions. 



Never fear! The show must, and always will go on, as BrainBlast has a staff of professional hosts to ensure every show goes on as scheduled.

Our cost effectiveness comes not only from our affordability, but also from the marketing and promotional support that you receive at no additional cost to you. At your request, BrainBlast will provide you with 50 In-house mini flyers, 300 Mini Mass flyers and we often work with your suppliers (Bud, Miller, Coke, Pepsi etc) designing in-house banners for on-site promotions. As a BrainBlast venue, your logo and show details will be featured on team score sheets that players take home and to the office.


Most often, loyal weekly Trivia Players will share in the excitement they had during trivia night with family, friends and co-workers the next day. Also, if you have a link to your website, we also put that on our website and social media sites  so teams can see your menu &  your other weekly promotions!

BrainBlast Trivia has a notebook bulging with letters of priase from our partenring venues and players, and we'd love to show you what people are saying about our talented hosts, how our games have ressurected their weekday business, and how we have been a valuable asset to businesses small and large.



Thanks again for your time and consideration; BrainBlast Trivia would welcome the opportunity to be a long term strategic partner in your promotional strategy






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